Makonde Team Information

The Makonde Team shared with us their vision and strategy for the Kingdom work they’ve been called to.  This information is presented in 2 parts by various members of the team.  To learn more about the Makonde Team, visit their website at or their team blog at

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 1

Part 2

Lament Service

Downtown Church service from October 18, 2009.  Laments were shared by David Mathews, Ross Kellis, and Gary Stephenson.

This is part of our ongoing series called God’s Relentless Pursuit – A Study of the Minor Prophets.

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Small Group Questions

Pendulum Swings: Pendulum swings, better known as icebreakers or getting started questions, are just a fun way to kickoff your small group time together by going from the not so serious to deeper connecting times.

The 3 questions of the week as you begin your Small Group …

  1. Name your favorite … musician you listen to, but hate to admit it.
  2. Name your favorite … church that you have visited, and why?
  3. Name your favorite … biblical promise.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Re-READ:   Habakkuk 3:17-19 noted in this morning’s lesson.
  2. Luke 13:31-35
    -Read this passage of Jesus’ lament over Jerusalem
    -Discuss the emotions of Jesus as he heads toward Jerusalem.

    • Luke 27: 45-46 / Psalm 22
      -Jesus has another lament as he cries out to his father while on the cross, quoting from Psalm 22
      -Discuss possible reasons He is feeling forsaken by his father.
      -Was He forsaken, and if so, how?

      • If you feel comfortable doing so, share with your small group the lament that you wrote down this morning.
      • Discuss some of the benefits from expressing our laments to God.