The State of the Church

Update from the ministers, shepherds, and deacons on the past, present, and future of Downtown Church.  The text used is Mark 2: 1-12.

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Small Group Questions

1. Read Mark 2: 1-12 (NLT)

2. The Planning.  Discuss intentional planning that you have done in order to talk to someone about Jesus Christ. i.e., how did you plan to get them into the presence of Jesus?

3. The T.E.A.M.  It took four people working together to carry their friend into the presence of Jesus.  How can/could, or does, your small group work together to carry someone into the presence of Jesus?

4. The Wounded and Weary.  While the leaders of the law saw Jesus as “blaspheming God” by Him “forgiving his sins”, Jesus saw it as an opportunity to show the power of God.  Why would Jesus “forgive sins” first before showing His power to “heal”?

5. The Crowd.  The overflow crowd, inside–outside and all around, were excited to be in the presence of Jesus, yet in some ways prevented others from coming to see Jesus.  Could it be possible, and in what way(s), can our wanting to be in the presence of Jesus prevent or hinder someone from coming to see Jesus?