Here Comes the Day of the Lord

Downtown Church sermon from September 27, 2009 by Ken Neller on the book of Joel.

This is the 5th sermon in our series called God’s Relentless Pursuit – A Study of the Minor Prophets.

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Small Group Questions

Pendulum Swings: Pendulum swings, better known as icebreakers or getting
started questions, are just a fun way to kickoff your small group time together by going
from the not so serious to deeper connecting times.

1.  Would you rather … “travel with the circus or with a minor-league baseball
2.  Would you rather … “talk to your best friend who lives 2000 miles away from
home over the phone for one hour or see this friend in person for five (5)
3.  Would you rather … “lead one (1) close friend to Christ through your example
or lead twenty (20) strangers to Christ through your preaching?”

Discussion Questions:

1.  READ:  Joel 1-3
2.  When the Day of the Lord comes, God will punish “compromisers.”

  • By way of review, in what ways did people in the times of the minor prophets try to live for God at the same time that they lived worldly lives?
  • Give examples of how you or other Christians today have sometimes lived in worldly ways, despite claiming to follow God.
  • What New Testament scriptures can you think of which warn disciples of Jesus about living worldly lives?  Exhort one another to love God with whole hearts.

3.  When the Day of the Lord comes, God will punish ungodly people.

  • Is it possible to punish someone and yet still love that person?  Don’t  just answer “yes” or “no”, justify your answer.
  • In what ways can we warn ungodly people of coming punishment, while still assuring them of God’s love … ‘and ours’?

4.  When the Day of the Lord comes, God will reward his people.

  • Even though we believe this, some Christians fear Jesus’ coming.  What misgivings, if any, do you have about Jesus’ coming again?
  • What about Jesus‟ coming do you most look forward to?