Senior Sunday – I Will Be With You

5/5/13 – After introducing the Senior Class of 2013, Jeremy Shelby brought a lesson from Joshua 1. Like our seniors, and even our church right now, Joshua was experiencing some scary transitions. God tells Joshua to be strong and courageous because He will go with him. He goes with us too.

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Serving God as Teens

02/03/13 – Jeremy Shelby and Harrison Dell, our youth ministers, have two panels of teens share what they have learned about serving God outside our community (Houston mission trip last summer) and what they have learned about serving God in our community.

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Houston video shown just before the first teen panel:

“Service Zone” short film the teens created and which was shown before the second teen panel.

The Power of Your Surroundings

11/7/12 – Jeremy Shelby continues the Fall Family Series by discussing the Power of our Surroundings. God had the Israelites set up certain stones to physically remind them to think of him. We need to be aware of what we set up around ourselves. Does it draw our minds to him or away?

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