Isaiah in the New Testament

7/22/12 – Dan Stockstill began teaching our Isaiah class that Kevin Youngblood had been teaching. Dan showed how frequently the new testament quotes Isaiah and even uses it for the framework of some books.

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Here is the PowerPoint (as PDF) to follow along.

The Lord Knows Those Who Find Refuge in Him

Downtown Church sermon from November 8, 2009 by Daniel Stockstill on Nahum.  This lesson was presented in 3 parts, but have been spliced together in one file.

This is part of our ongoing series called God’s Relentless Pursuit – A Study of the Minor Prophets.

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Small Group Questions

Pendulum Swings: Complete the “unfinished sentences” as you begin your Small Group this week …

1. The first words out of my month in the morning are …
2. If McDonald’s “ran” the church, it would have …
3. The areas in my life in which I find it most difficult to trust God are …

Discussion Questions

1. READ together: Nahum … hey, it’s only about 3 pages (3 chapters), but you have to find it first!
2. What, if any, surprises are there in the book of Nahum about how God deals with nations?
3. How is faithfulness to God both a comfort and concern …

  • In your life;
  • In the life of your family;
  • In the life of the community of believers?

4. Why is God’s timing so difficult to understand?

  • Is it difficult to understand?
  • How is that timing evident in the book of Nahum?
  • How is that timing evident in your life?

5. Based upon the book of Nahum, when recognizing the activity of God what are practical ways that believers should respond to the unfolding of events around us?
6. READ: Nahum 1:7

  • How do we learn to accept that “The LORD is a refuge in times of trouble who cares for those who trust in Him”?