Serving God as Teens

02/03/13 – Jeremy Shelby and Harrison Dell, our youth ministers, have two panels of teens share what they have learned about serving God outside our community (Houston mission trip last summer) and what they have learned about serving God in our community.

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Houston video shown just before the first teen panel:

“Service Zone” short film the teens created and which was shown before the second teen panel.

Serving God as a College Student

01/20/13 – Justin Sims, a Harding University student, continues our “Serving God” series. He talks about how we can serve God in our work, particularly as college students.  Does our work ethic affect our witness?  What does Colossians 3:22-24 have to say about the way we serve God in our work?

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Serving God in the Golden Years (Divorce Care ministry)

1/6/13 – David Mathews begins a new series called “Serve Him”.  For this first lesson, he interviews Tom and Molly Douglas, a couple in their sixties.  They share their story of divorce and recovery.  They are going to serve our church by beginning a “Divorce Care” ministry here at Downtown.

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