Am I in the Place of God?

Downtown Church sermon from June 27, 2010 by David Mathews. This sermon is part of our series, A Cloud of Witnesses–Pointing Us to Jesus!

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Small Group Questions

Pendulum Swings
As you begin your Small Group this week choose your top 3 …
  • places to order french fries (or my favorite – onion rings).
  • qualities you like about your family.
  • personality traits.
  • questions that you would ask Joseph?
1.  Read: Genesis 37:3-4,12-36; 39:2-9, 20b-23; 41:41-49; 42:6-22;45:1-15
2.  Joseph had quite a family tree – Abraham his great-grandfather; Isaac his grandfather; Jacob his father. He was obviously his father’s favorite.  In what ways do you think being so loved by his father helped his life?  What are some of his father’s traits that possibly influenced him?  Genesis 37:4 states that Joseph’s brothers “hated him”.  In what ways did the ‘favorite son’ role hinder Joseph.  If possible, share in what ways your earthly father has influenced your life for good.  Joseph shows us that God can give us hope in the midst of a bad situation.
3.  Read: Genesis 45:4-8.  Discuss why, and how, Joseph remained hopeful in the midst of his trials.
4.  Re-read: Genesis 39:2-9.  How did Joseph resist the obvious temptation that was in front of his eyes?  Discuss what we can learn from Joseph as we face temptations?
5.  Read: Genesis 45:4-8 and 50:15-21.  Joseph forgave his brothers for their sins against him.  From his forgiving them, discover insights as to how he forgave them and how we
can forgive others.