Downtown Church sermon from May 30, 2010 by Ken Neller. This sermon is part of our new series, A Cloud of Witnesses–Pointing Us to Jesus!

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Small Group Questions
READ (each week as you begin): Hebrews 12:1-3 (Hint: each week read these verses from a different version in order to see “how it reads”.
1. Read: Genesis 6-9
• Again this week, we see one of God’s “characters” of faith in the Old Testament, who through his faith points us to a loving God.
• After re-reading the story of Noah, in what ways do you see God’s love for mankind? … more specifically, for you?
2. Read: Genesis 7:21-23
• With the exception of those on the Ark, why would a loving God destroy all humans and animals?
• What lesson(s) can we learn from this?
• What can we learn about God? … about Noah and his family?
3. Read: Genesis 9:11
• Why would God choose to save Noah and his immediate family?
• God promised (by covenant) to no more destroy the earth by flood.
• But, if there were a flood again, do you believe God would save you and your family? What would make your family “savable” or not “savable”?
4. An amazing God with amazing “characters” that receive his judgment and justice … His love and forgiveness:
• What amazes you about the story of Noah and the flood?
• … about God and His “characters” as being a cloud of witnesses?
• Does this story of faith make you want to get in the boat or out of the boat with your faith?