Adam and Eve and the Death of Christ

Downtown Church sermon from May 23, 2010 by Ken Neller.  This sermon is part of our new series, A Cloud of Witnesses–Pointing Us to Jesus!

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Small Group Questions
Pendulum Swings:
What if you could choose from only three (3) books to read?”
What if you could do anything that you wanted for one (1) day?”
What if you could be any person from the OLD Testament?”
What if you could ask God three (3) questions?”

READ (each week as you begin): Hebrews 12:1-3 (Hint: each week read these verses from a different version in order to see “how it reads”.

1. Read: Genesis 1:26-27. What does it means to be created in “the image of God”? How, in what ways, are all human beings like God? If there is, in what way is there a difference between being in God’s “image” and being in His “likeness” (v. 26)?

2. Read: Genesis 2:15-16. Since God knew that the human race would choose to rebel against Him, why would He give/allow the ability to choose / of choice? In what way(s) does love have anything to do with giving/allowing the freedom to choose? What “entices” you to “eat from the tree” when you have been warned?

3. Read: Genesis 3:1-7. In what ways has your “eye” (v. 6) deceived you? In what way did Satan try to get Adam and Eve to doubt God’s word (v. 1-4)? In what ways do we doubt God’s word today? In what way did Satan try to get Adam and Eve to doubt God’s motives (v. 5)? In what ways do we doubt God’s motives today?

4. Give examples how we often, by our actions and words, try to be “God” over our own lives? In what ways are these, or may these be, sin? Instead of trying to be “God”, what does God want – and expect – of us?